Cripps, Donald Edwin

Donald Edwin Cripps, son of Charles Cripps and Elizabeth Baker

Birth: 04 Oct 1844
Silver Street in Rotherhithe, London

Baptism: 27 Oct 1844
St. Mary’s Church, Rotherhithe

Death: 06 Oct 1845
Bermondsey, London

Burial: 12 Oct 1845
Churchyard of St. James Church, Bermondsey

Donald Edwin Cripps was baptised with his full name, but his death certificate and entry on the burial register are under the name Edwin Cripps. His birth place was almost definitely Rotherhithe, and not Bermondsey as the Familysearch Pedigree Resource File states. He was baptised in Rotherhithe and his abode listed on the baptism register is Silver Street which was in Rotherhithe.


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