Charlton Cemetery

Charlton Cemetery was opened in 1855 by the Charlton Burial Board and is located between Charlton and Woolwich in south east London. It was created as a result of the Metropolitan Burials Act of 1852, which allowed Parish vestries such as Charlton (St Luke) to appoint burial boards to provide new spaces for interment of the dead.

The cemetery is owned and operated by Greenwich Council and covers 15 acres of ground. It reached full capacity in <insert year> and the total number of burials is over 36,500.

There are no posts about visits to Charlton Cemetery

List of people buried at Charlton Cemetery:

Edith Ethel Clout (née Mogridge)
Frederick David Clout
Clara Louise Gargaro
Clara Rhoda Gargaro (née Thomson)
Emma Louisa Gargaro (née Watson-Bates)
Lewis Richard Arthur Gargaro
Luigi Gargaro
Otto Wilhelm Lippert
Phoebe Violet Lippert (née Mogridge)


Charlton Cemetery information

Cemetery Lane, Charlton
Greater London

<cemetery map not yet available>

Telephone: +44 (0)20 8921 6885

Type: Local authority-owned cemetery
Owned by: Greenwich Council

Year opened: 1855

Number of burials: 36,500+
Size of cemetery: 15 acres

Reached full capacity in <year unknown>

District: Royal Borough of Greenwich

Burial records are kept at Eltham Cemetery & Crematorium
Burial records are searchable online at Deceased Online

View burials for this cemetery on Find A Grave
View burials for this cemetery on BillionGraves



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