Children of Beatrice and Laurence Taylor

Beatrice Chase married Laurence Taylor on 10 January, 1903 at All Saints Church, Edmonton. The couple had at at least five children together, which are listed below. It seemed Beatrice split up with Laurence around 1910, as by 1911 she was living with an Alfred H. Walker and had a girl named Phyllis Walker with him. Sometime after 1912, it seemed Beatrice and Laurence Taylor were together again as they had another child. By 1915, Laurence had died and the following year, Beatrice remarried to William Speller.

  1. Richard Laurence Taylor – born 1903 in Tottenham, London
  2. Florence Emily Taylor – born 31 January, 1905 in Edmonton, London
  3. Charles Frank Taylor – born about 1907 in Tottenham, London
  4. Laurence James Taylor – born 28 April, 1913 in Edmonton, London

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