The family name of Salmon originates — in our family tree at least — from the predominately French-speaking Walloon region of Belgium. The Salmon surname can be found in the UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany where it has different pronunciations but usually keeps the same spelling. The name is thought to be Old French in origin and derives from the name Salomon, as in King Salomon of Brittany, which itself a version of the given name Solomon.

The province of Hainaut in Belgium has a larger proportion of people with the surname Salmon than elsewhere in French-speaking Belgium and most departments in neighbouring France.

I haven’t yet researched the Salmons in Binche throughly enough, but when I get some time, all the tools are already online for me to do this, such as scans of the original pages of civil records on for almost all the province of Hainaut, between the years 1800 and 1910 along with electoral registers and residential telephone directories.

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Salmon family:

Salmon, Marie Therèse


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