Children of Eliza Jane and James Hardman Mogridge

Eliza Jane Boreham married James Hardman Mogridge at St. Thomas’ Church, Bethnal Green on 8 September, 1890. The list of children below is incomplete as the couple confirmed that they had eight children in total on the 1911 census. However the two missing children on the list had died before 1911 as they confirmed that three of their children were no longer alive.

  1. Eliza Harriet Mogridge – born 29 September, 1892 in Canning Town
  2. Phoebe Violet Mogridge – born 7 December, 1897 in Canning Town
  3. Edith Ethel Mogridge – born 7 January, 1899 in Canning Town
  4. Florence Susan Mogridge – born 1902 in Canning Town
  5. Samuel Mogridge – born 19 March, 1907 in Canning Town
  6. Jane Grace Mogridge – born 16 August, 1911 in Canning Town

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