Children of Rosalie and Augustin Celestin Mabille

Rosalie Delhaye married Augustin Celestin Mabille on 18 October, 1854 in the town of Binche in Belgium. They had at least eight children.
  1. Céline Mabille – born <date unknown> in Binche, Hainaut, Belgium
  2. Ursmer Augustin Mabille – born 15 April, 1855 in Battignies, Hainaut, Belgium
  3. Auguste Alphonse Mabille – born 5 April, 1857 in Battignies, Hainaut, Belgium
  4. Louise Mabille – born 9 April, 1858 in Battignies, Hainaut, Belgium
  5. Octavie Marie Mabille – born 30 November, 1859 in Battignies, Hainaut, Belgium
  6. Blanche Marie Mabille – born 28 October, 1861 in Battignies, Hainaut, Belgium
  7. Leonie Mabille – born 20 July, 1864 in Battignies, Hainaut, Belgium
  8. Augustin Mabille – born 3 September, 1866 in Battignies, Hainaut, Belgium

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