Children of Johanna and Paul August Ferdinand Lippert

Johanna Marie Auguste Beyer and Paul August Ferdinand Lippert had at least eight children: four born in Germany and four born in the Docklands area of East London. Five of their eight children died as infants, at less than one year old.

  1. Paul Carl Wilhelm Lippert – born 5 September, 1895 in Ottensen, Altona, Hamburg, Germany
  2. Otto Wilhelm Lippert – born 3 November, 1896 in Altona, Hamburg, Germany
  3. Paul Otto Lippert – born 3 September, 1898 in Hörstel, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
  4. Paula Mathilde Friederike Lippert – born 14 December, 1900 in Stadthagen, Lower Saxony, Germany
  5. Johanna Lippert – born about 1903 in the district of West Ham, Essex
  6. William Lippert – born 1904 in North Woolwich, London
  7. Johanna Lippert – born 1906 in North Woolwich, London
  8. Johanna Lippert – born 1907 in North Woolwich, London 

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