The Lippert family arrived in London between 1901 and 1904. The earliest I have traced the Lipperts is to around 1867 with the birth of Paul August Ferdinand Lippert in Stolp, a city in the region of Pomerania, formerly in Germany but now part of Poland.

Although I have obtained a couple of German records, there is much more research to be done and I have yet to locate the correct place to find earlier records for the city of Stolp because of the border changes which took place between Germany and Poland after the Second World War. I plan to write to the Goethe-Institut which promote and provide information on German culture and language and also to Das Bundesarchiv, the German federal archives.

Descendants of the Lippert family remain largely in south east London and north west Kent with some also living in Sussex and Australia. (updated July 2013)

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Surname meaning:

German and Dutch: from a Germanic personal name Liubhard, composed of the elements leuba, liuba ‘dear’, ‘beloved’ + hard ‘brave’, ‘strong’, or from Liutberht, a compound of liut, leud ‘people’, ‘tribe’ + berht ‘shining’, ‘famous’.
[Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press]


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