Children of Margaret Ann and Samuel Jenkins

Margaret Ann Lathwood and Samuel Jenkins married at St. Alfege’s Church in Greenwich, London on 14 August, 1871. Listed below is their nine children.
  1. Frederick Thomas Jenkins – born 1873 in Greenwich, London
  2. Elizabeth A. Jenkins – born 1874 in Greenwich, London
  3. Sarah Frances Jenkins – born 1877 in Greenwich, London
  4. Ada Louisa Jenkins – born 1881 in Greenwich, London
  5. Arthur Richard Jenkins – born 1883 in Victoria Docks, London
  6. Richard Samuel Jenkins – born 1885 in Victoria Docks, London
  7. Emily Alice M. Jenkins – born 1888 in Victoria Docks, London
  8. William James Jenkins – born 1891 in Greenwich, London
  9. Ellen Rosina Jenkins – born 1895 in Greenwich, London

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