Children of Rebecca and Benjamin Francis Jackman

Rebecca Jackman married Benjamin Francis Jackman, at St. Andrew’s Church in Holborn, London on 2 March, 1878. Rebecca and Benjamin were first cousins, as their fathers were brothers. It was confirmed on the 1911 census that Rebecca and Benjamin had a total of eight children together, of which two had died by the time of the census.

  1. Benjamin Francis Jackman – born 10 December, 1878 in Whitechapel, London
  2. Susannie Jackman – born about 1882 in Mile End, London
  3. William Jackman – born about 1888 in Hackney, London
  4. Samuel Gilbert Jackman – born about 25 January, 1890 in South Hackney, London
  5. Arthur Thomas Jackman – born about 1897 in South Hackney, London

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