The Jackman family name has a strong connection in my family tree with the Royal Navy and English naval towns. For more than a century there were Jackmans serving in the Royal Navy, from the time of the Napoleonic Wars to the First World War.

Being associated with the Navy for such a long time, many Jackmans were based with their families in areas such as Greenwich, Portsmouth, Plymouth and Chatham. The Royal Naval Academy in Greenwich was the school which some of the children of Francis Jackman attended after he died at sea.

The furthest back which I’ve managed to trace the Jackman family, is to 1810 with the marriage of Francis Jackman and Elizabeth Kirk at St. Margaret’s Church, Lee which would then have been in the county of Kent. (updated July 2015)

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Surname meaning:

English: occupational name for the servant of someone who bore the personal name Jack. English: Anglicised form of French Jacquème (see James). Anglicised spelling of German Jachmann or Jackmann, from a Czech pet form of a name ultimately from the Biblical name Yochanam (see John) + Middle High German man ‘man’.
[Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press]


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