The Gargaro surname is of southern Italian origin and many people with this surname can trace their ancestry back to a handful of villages in Latina and Frosinone. For more general information on the Gargaro family name, I’ve written a piece about the origins and history of the surname.

Our Gargaro family can be traced back as far as Michele ‘Mike’ Gargaro, the father of Luigi Gargaro who was a basket maker and thought be from Atina in the Italian Province of Frosinone. It’s thought that he didn’t leave Italy and that his son Luigi came over to Britain in the 1870s, where he first settled in Clerkenwell when he was about 20 years old. In Clerkenwell, which was home to the largest Italian community in London, many immigrants were in poverty and working as ice cream vendors, hawkers or busking as street musicians and magicians. 

Luigi had a number of children, who grew up in Greenwich and Woolwich, south east London. Most stayed in this area and had children of their own, slowly moving to the suburbs of outer London such as Bromley, Sidcup and Bexley. Others moved out of the London area, to places such as Cumbria and Swale on the Kent coast.

Today, many descendants of the Gargaro family live in south east London and north west Kent; particularly in the boroughs of Bromley, Greenwich, Bexley, Medway and Dartford. Gargaro descendants can also be found in Norfolk, Cumbria and the south coast of England. (updated November 2014)

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Southern Italian: from the Greek stem gargar-, denoting either a ‘babbling’ or ‘clear’ stream of water, or ‘gargling’. Only the latter sense is attested as a vocabulary word in Southern Italian Greek.
[Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press]


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