The Delhaye family name seems to have originated in the Hainaut province of Belgium, with several hundred Delhaye births concentrated in the relatively small town of Binche through past couple of centuries. The name is French in origin, but far more popular in the French-speaking region of Belgium and the departments in Northern France.

In November 2014, I managed to trace the Delhaye name in my family tree back to about 1808 with the birth of Joseph Delhaye, who married Ursmarine Lejeune and had at least six children, all born in Binche.

Adding more branches to the Belgian side of the family tree will be my next step, but it’s currently extremely time-consuming as the digital scans of Hainaut Province’s civil records haven’t yet been transcribed therefore are not searchable, so it involves looking through thousands of pages of records all written in French calligraphy. (updated November 2014)

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Delhaye family:


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