Cripps, John Henry

John Henry Cripps, son of John William Cripps and Mary Jane Woodward

Birth: 14 Dec 1867
Bermondsey, London

Baptism: 21 Nov 1869
St. Paul’s Church, Bermondsey

Death: 08 Oct 1903 (aged 35)
Salt Lake City, Utah

Spouse: Lizzy Harlan
Marriage: 10 Sep 1899
Salt Lake City, Utah

[John Henry Cripps – known as Harry – moved to Salt Lake City in his 20s, he was advised by his doctor to leave London because of chest problems attributed to the damp/humid climate. He married Lizzy Harlin (could also be Lizzy Harlam) in Salt Lake City on 10 September 1899 and had two children, both boys. Four years after getting married, John Henry Cripps died from tuberculosis.]


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