Children of Elizabeth and Albert Brown

Elizabeth Claydon married Albert Brown at St. Mark’s Church in Deptford, London on 11 July, 1885. The couple lived at several addresses around London. Elizabeth and Albert confirmed on the 1911 census that they had a total of six children, and that all of them were still alive by that year.

  1. Elizabeth Brown – born baptised 10 June, 1886 in Deptford, London
  2. Albert Edward Brown – born 7 August, 1887 in Deptford, London
  3. Frederick William Brownborn baptised 27 February, 1889 in Deptford, London
  4. Thomas Henry Brown – born 5 January, 1891 in Deptford, London
  5. Charles Brown – born about 1895 in Shepherds Bush, London
  6. Alice Matilda Brown – born 17 April, 1898 in Walworth, London

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