About the site

I started the site in the summer of 2010, several months after my initial interest in researching my family history began. Here I intend to post everything I know and learn about my colourful heritage. A blog originally felt like a great idea not only to keep everyone informed of my recent discoveries, but also to connect with people who share some of the same ancestry as me or those who can help with my research.ย 

I hope to go as far as I can with the website until I’ve researched every branch of my family as thoroughly as I can. I plan to update the site regularly with as much information as I can by publishing photographs, documents, stories and letters. For obvious reasons, you will not find any information on living relatives posted on the site.

Since I started My Family Roots, the website has gone from a basic blog to something of a ‘family history album/encylopaedia’ which my relatives and I can look back on. The design of the site and purpose has slowly changed as I try to keep everything as organised as possible for easier navigation between pages.

If you have any information or questions related to anything on the website, think we might share the same ancestry or you just like the website, I would really like to hear from you. Please get in touch with me through the contact form which will send your message directly to my e-mail.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy the website!


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