Phoebe Violet Lippert Obituary

Yesterday I found the obituary for Phoebe Violet Lippert (née Mogridge), who died in 1962 on August 14th. I am unsure which newspaper it was printed in because it has been cut out of the original page but it must have been a newpaper local to Woolwich borough at the time as the other notices are for places all inside the former Metropolitan Borough of Woolwich (Eltham, Abbey Wood, Woolwich and Charlton).

The newspaper clipping has unfortunately worn away over the years and lost a fraction of the end of the obituary so I’m going to try and find the article in its entirety at the Greenwich Heritage Centre which is based at the Royal Arsenal in Woolwich. The heritage centre is where Greenwich borough’s local history archives are based and is home to old maps of Greenwich and Woolwich; photographs of the area; and past local newspapers, trade directories and parish records, which are kept on microfilm.

I also plan to look for a newpaper article for the death and the funeral of Otto Lippert as his death would have been newsworthy and probably covered by several local newspapers as he died as a result of hitting his head falling down the stairs of a bus.


The funeral took place on August 21 at Charlton Cemetery of Phoebe Lippert of 13 Kashmir Road, Charlton, who passed away on August 14 aged 65 years.

Floral tributes were sent by her husband Otto; Florrie; Frank and Keith; Doris and Bill; Fred, Eunice and children; Sam, Gladys and children; Joyce; Jean, Ron and children; Edie and family; Jean, Cyril and Pauline; Elsie, Sam and families; Roger and Beryl; Mr. and Mrs. Flook; Lil and Tom; Joan and Allen; Rene, George and family; Mrs. Wallace and family; Mr. and Mrs. Rogers and family; Mr. and Mrs. Melbourne and family; Mr. and Mrs. Plumridge and family; Mr. and Mrs. Arnold and family; Mr. and Mrs. Knibbs and family; The Absolom family; Mrs. Gargaro and family; Rose and Arthur; Flo and Doug; Mr. and Mrs. Ancliff and children; Rose, Kit, Marie and Ann; Daisie; Lizzie, K.N.S.; Press Shop Girls, K.N.S., Cis and girls of finishing shop, K.N.S.; Girls of U.G. Ltd.; Workmates at U.G. Ltd.; friends and neighbours of Kashmir Road.

Mr. Lippert and family wish to thank all relatives and friends for the beautiful floral tributes and … [newspaper clipping torn at this point]


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