Some nice new changes

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve made some changes to the website which should bring it together and make it less confusing. Instead of using the time to add more information to the website, I thought it would be better to organise what I’ve published already and update some of the pages.

As it stands, each ancestor has a profile page which can be found under the People tab at the top of the website by navigating through the surname and then the first name. If you clicked on a surname page such as Lippert or Cripps before, a list of people with or related to that surname would come up in an alphabetical list and nothing more. Every time I looked at these pages, I felt that they could be used for so much more than their purpose so I came up with a few ideas to jazz them up.

I have now added much more content to each surname page so that they can become the central part of the website for visitors looking for information on a particular family name. Now, if you visit the website looking for information on the Jackman family for example, you will be able to read about the history of the family and the origin of the surname before clicking on individual ancestor pages for more details. Before this, there was no central point for each family name, but just categories and lists of pages and posts which was confusing and made it difficult to know if there was more information on a particular relative or family name.

The surname pages all have a similar format which should be as follows:

  • A brief summary of the history of the family
  • Updates on research and how far back the line has been traced
  • Information on migration and movements of descendants over generations.
  • Blog posts, reports and stories associated with the family name
  • Individual ancestor pages for those with that surname
  • Individual ancestor pages for those related to that surname
  • A description of the origins of the family name

I hope the new pages make for some interesting reading.

The pages for each ancestor should also now have exactly the same format with details of birth, baptism, death, burial/cremation, marriage and children where available. I hope to add some more photographs in the wooden-style frames to the individual pages soon but I am currently unable to as my Photoshop software needs reinstalling.

So now that I have things running a little better on the site, I will carry on with adding new information to existing individual ancestor pages and posting research updates to the blog alongside records and photographs. Aside from the website I’ve been attempting to draw several family trees including a pedigree chart and many descendant charts which have proved to be very difficult to do properly!


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