Greenwich becomes a Royal Borough!

This weekend marks the first time in over 80 years since a borough has been granted Royal status. Greenwich probably has more Royal connections than most, with two of the most well-known monarchs born at the Royal Palace in Greenwich: Henry VIII and his daughter Queen Elizabeth I.

Greenwich’s association with the Royal Family dates back to the Tudor times and the reign of Henry V. But it is not just the town of Greenwich which has Royal links in the Borough. Eltham Palace was the childhood home of Henry VIII, and Woolwich and Greenwich both have rich Naval history.

2012 will definitely be a year to remember for Greenwich. This year it plays host to several games at the Olympics, receives Royal status and will see the Cutty Sark ship finally reopened to the public.

Greenwich is at the centre of my family history, with most of my family either being born there, immigrating there or coming there for work.

After immigrating here from Italy, my great great grandfather, Luigi Gargaro, lived in Woolwich, Greenwich and then Charlton until he died. He worked in many trades but mainly as a gas stoker/furnaceman in north Greenwich.

My great great great great grandfather, Francis Jackman, joined the Royal Navy and it is very likely that is what brought the Jackmans to Greenwich around the turn of the 19th century.

From what is now Poland, my German great great grandfather left the town of Stolp to travel west-wards over Germany evenutally reaching England, where he settled in Charlton and carried on his family trade of glass blowing. His son (my great grandfather) Otto Lippert, was also born in Germany and lived in Charlton until his death 1970. He worked in the United Glass Bottle Company’s factory in North Charlton on Anchor & Hope Lane for most of his life.

My mother was born in Greenwich and so was my mother’s mother, in fact every person through my maternal line was born in Greenwich up until 1827, when the line stops with the birth of Mary Ann Dunn in Bristol.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Peter Russell
    Feb 06, 2012 @ 14:55:22

    Hello Miles, hope you are well, I noted that you say that Francis Jackman was in the RN. I did note that a John Jackman was in the RN and was on the ship Hastings, was he John James Jackman?

    He served in Syria and China and I have gt gt gt grandfather and his son also served but not on the Hasings. Do you know what ship Francis served on and have you a copy of the pension apps for both? Kind regards Peter


  2. Miles
    Feb 13, 2012 @ 15:47:46

    I do not know very much about the Jackmans in the Navy, in fact I know little about the Jackmans earlier than 1850. I am making that side of the tree my next focus. I found out about Francis Jackman being in the RN from a cousin who has recently got in touch with me through the site called Stewart Jackman. He has done extensive research on the Jackmans pre-1850.


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