Paula Lippert’s German birth certificate

Here’s the birth certificate of my great great aunt Paula Mathilde Friederike Lippert. She was born on 3 September 1898 in Stadthagen, Lower Saxony in Germany to Paul August Ferdinand Lippert and Johanna Marie Auguste Beyer.

Obtaining it was as simple as e-mailing the archives of her city of birth with details of her name and date of birth with a polite message and a little bit in German just in case! It took a few months for them to e-mail back with the certificate but it was a pleasant surprise to receive it out of the blue. I’m quite glad it didn’t arrive sooner!

The handwriting is hard to read and it is written in blackletter. Here is a transcript and a translation of the original certificate:

Stadthagen am 5. September 1898
Vor dem unterzeichneten Standesbeamten erschien heute, der Persönlichkeit nach auf Grund der vorgelegten Heirathsurkunde anerkannt, der Glasmacher August Ferdinand Paul Lippert, wohnhaft zu Stadthagen, Lokkumerstraße 2, lutherischer Religion, und zeigte an, daß von der Ehefrau Johanna Marie Auguste Lippert, geborenen Beyer, lutherischer Religion, wohnhaft bei dem Anzeigenden, zu Stadthagen in seiner Wohnung, am dritten September des Jahres tausend acht hundert neunzig und acht vormittags um fünf und ein viertel Uhr ein Kind weiblichen Geschlechts geboren worden sei, welches die Vornamen Paula Mathilde Friederike erhalten habe.
Vorgelesen, genehmigt und unterschrieben
Paul Lippert
Der Standesbeamte.

Stadthagen on 5 September 1898
Before the undersigned registrar there appeared today the person identified on the basis of the marriage certificate he produced as the glassmaker August Ferdinand Paul Lippert, residing at Stadthagen, Lokkumerstrasse 2, of the Lutheran confession, and registered that to his wife Johanna Marie Auguste Lippert, nee Beyer, of the Lutheran confession, residing with the registrant, at his domicile on the third of September of the year one thousand eight hundred and ninety eight at a quarter past five in the morning there was born a child of the female sex which has received the forenames Paula Mathilde Friederike.
Read, approved and signed
Paul Lippert
The Registrar


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