As 2011 approaches

I would like to wish everybody a very happy and healthy 2011. May the new year bring you and your family every success possible.

This year marked the beginning of genealogy as a primary interest of mine. I have learned so much more than I expected to find out about, on all sides of my family, and so soon. I have found out things which my family have always wanted to know, such as the birth place of  my grandfather’s German father, and my grandmother’s grandfather’s name. I’ve discovered things which I didn’t expect; I’ve managed to get contact with several cousins in America and Australia; and I’ve started this website to share my information with the world. I would recommend everybody get involved in genealogy, and I hope the current trend continues with more people taking up such a rewarding interest.

For the site, I believe 2011 will be a good year – I am back with a computer after my last laptop crashed in August so I can now spend more time working on the site. I have found a great haul of letters, stories and other interesting documents left by a great great aunt of mine, about both the Cripps and the Mabille family, which I plan to transcribe, scan and upload over the course of the next few months.

This year hasn’t been without sadness in the family, as we had to say goodbye to two gentlemen – both uncles of mine – my grandfather’s brother Sam, and my father’s brother-in-law Jim – may they both rest in peace. My deepest sympathies remain with their wives, children and grandchildren.

On this sad note, I shall end – enjoy the rest of the holidays.


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