Welcome to My Family Roots. Here you will find information on my ancestors and other relatives which will hopefully also cover some of your family history.

The site is divided into three main sections:

Blog  Read updates on my research here and find other information such as stories, biographies and letters which give an insight into the lives of my ancestors. I usually post once or twice a month on the blog, but this can vary depending how much free time I have.

Ancestors  Here you will find a page for each person, with photographs and details such as baptisms, births, marriages, deaths and burials. I’ve organised this part of the site by surname, but you can navigate from person to person.

Places When finished, this section will illustrate all the locations which appear in my family history with old maps and photographs. I have started with an embedded Google map, pinpointing all the locations in London which my ancestors lived and worked.

If a person or place is coloured coloured red, it means I’ve written more on this subject, so click on it to read more. If anything is coloured dark blue, clicking on it will open a new window, linking you to its Wikipedia article.

Please get in touch with me! You can do this by either leaving a comment or if you’d prefer, you can send me a message direct to my e-mail inbox via the contact form.